Eldritch Muses on Self Medication with Alcohol

It’s a freaking miracle! I’m finally posting on our site. Sorry for the delay. I promise I’ll try to do this more often. There…apologies accepted? Good.

I know people say drinking alone is bad. Hell, we’ve said it ourselves, but I think it’s a bit too much of a generalization. There are exceptions to every “rule” as it were. I have had some singularly stressful days at work that have had me ranting and raging about people and their stupid shit…(sigh) It’s too easy to get worked up sometimes. Needless to say, days like those are bad for my mental health and general well being which is why coming home to a couple shots of strong liquor goes a long way to improving my mood. Something that gives a quick, high quality buzz while also being delicious is just the medicine I need sometimes. This is not necessarily true of everyone. Plenty of people should absolutely NOT drink while angry. Others, like myself, should not drink while upset – THAT is the wrong type of drinking alone because it just exacerbates the situation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is know what kind of drinker you are before you get started. If you know it’ll send you down a bad path, don’t do it. Find another outlet. Remember, we like to keep drinking fun and/or relaxing. However, if it’s going to make your situation better, go nuts!

…responsibly I mean. Otherwise you earn derp stars.


Changing Stuffs

Just a quick note here. It’s obviously been a bit since we’ve posted anything. Gotta get ourselves some daily reminders going.

Also, our podcast is still up on Youtube. We’ll be changing up the format a bit. If we can get ourselves to do it, then there will be shorter episodes. The current ones are roughly 30 minutes long. So yeah… People don’t know us well enough to want to sit through 30 minutes of us rambling.

Personally, I’m going to challenge myself to post more on here. Whether it’s blurbs about new alcohol products, recipes I’ve found, gaming stuff, or whatever. It just needs something.


Gaming stuffs – Black Desert

As you know (or should know), we are gamers. Personally, I have been playing a lot of Black Desert lately.

I mean, come on.

Look at it.

You’ll probably get to see more screenshots as I go along. My highest character is only low 30s so far, and the game is very alt friendly. I love creating characters, so of course I have all my character slots filled.

I’m sure you can look forward to more pretty screenshots, but in the meantime you may catch me and game on stream via TechnDaggers on Twitch.

Ya never know… I might get Eldritch to join me for a drinking stream every now and then.


Episode 3 – The Grape One

Episode Three is up! We experimented with UV Grape and Grape Pucker. Why? Because we like grape and we wanted to see if it would be as good of a combo as the cherry.


We tried them together, and with some mixers. Check it out!

(Listen closely for the moment the booze kicks in.)

By the way, we still don’t have a name for the Grape version of Hi Ho Cherry. If you have any ideas, let us know on Twitter @drunkenalchemy!

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Drunken Alchemy lives agaaaaaiiinnn!

Huzzah! Drunken Alchemy has been resurrected!

We had a bad year in 2015, but we’re back in action. /cheers


PODCAST! Yup. We finally started up the podcast. We only have a few episodes up so far, but please check them out and let us know what you think!

Now, we know the production quality isn’t that great. Honestly, we recorded this in my (Rabid’s) basement. We are hoping to improve the sound, and focus, over the course of recording each episode. We just kind of jumped into it. So far, we’re having fun and we hope that you do too.

Good Bird Doggy

Recently Eldritch received a bottle of Bird Dog‘s Blackberry Whiskey. Now, we haven’t tried a whole lot of whiskeys. There have been a couple here and there. I know I’ve had some sort of maple one before that was really good, but I can’t remember the name of it.

Anyway, Bird Dog is a good doggy. Definitely a nice one. The blackberry flavor comes through well. Also, Eldritch now believes that Blackberry Pepsi should be a thing. It does go well together.

So yeah, go try it. I’m definitely intrigued by the other flavors that they have, especially the chocolate.

Local Goodness – A Minhas Experience

Last week, Eldritch and I went to the Minhas Distillery. Fun times. We got kinda trashed…

Now, I’ve gone on their brewery tour before. Did that last year. It was fun. You get a tour of the facility and an educational history of the company and beer making. Not only that, but you get a complimentary glass and get to sample some of their beers. I’m not talking little shot glass testers either. They will fill up your damn glass. Sampling happens before and after the tour. Also, you get to take home some more beer! They give you a variety of four beers, plus a soda, and leave a space for your glass in a convenient six pack carrier. (At least that’s what I got when I went. I’m sure it varies with whatever they have in stock at the time.)

Now, all of this is $10. The tour, the samples, the extra beer to take home. Everything. $10. Damn good value if you really like beer. Personally, I’m kinda meh about beer. It’s ok once in a while, but I still prefer hard liquor.

That’s why we went to the Distillery last week. During that Brewery tour, I found out that they had opened a distillery too. It was still relatively new, and had I known about it prior to going there, I would have voted Distillery first. Oh well. C’est la booze.

Ok, so, Distillery tour. Right, it’s not much of a “tour” as a “sit at the bar and try some drinks” kind of thing. Same price though. For $10 you get to sample four mixed drinks and have two extra shots of your choice. (We got three extra. The lady was nice and let us try a tiny bit of gin. Yeah, we still don’t like gin… Tasted like a Christmas tree.) While the glass is much smaller than the one I got for the beer, it’s still a decent size. Good couple of ounces. It would make for a giant shot.

Also, if you just want to stop in and check out some of their booze without the education part, you can try the sample run for $6. You get to try 5 or 6 shots of your choice.

Now, the only problem with this non-tour was that we hadn’t eaten anything beforehand. (I know, I know, Alchemy laws weren’t followed. Oopsy.) Yeah, we were kinda buzzing after two drinks. Kinda sad, but also, woo!

Out of all the drinks (which included various boozy things like moonshine, spiced rum, and tequila.) I enjoyed the simple rum and cola mix. It was always a big hit for me back in college, and spiced rums are always good.

I did also really enjoy the Irish Cream that they had. It’s got a chocolate caramel taste to it. Super yummy.

Oh, and yes, we got a bottle to take home. It was a mojito mix. Bright green. Kinda looked like they bottled up Slimer. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you all know how it goes. Also, Eldritch grabbed their ten times distilled vodka. I’ll poke her to do a review of that. (I’ll also poke her to bring that over so I can try it too.)

Should you happen to be in southern Wisconsin, go check them out: Minhas Brewery and Minhas Distillery.

Also, should you happen to get kinda trashed like we did, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants within walking distance. We ended up at a place called Pancho and Lefty’s. Now, first off, how could you not love a place called Pancho and Lefty’s. It’s a tiny bar.

Second… Chili cheese fry burrito. Yes. They have it. It’s huge. It’s full of booze soaking goodness. Delicious. Definitely helped to sober us up for the ride back home. (Now that’s one rule we will not break. Don’t drink and drive. Ever.)

I’m sure this review could have been a bit more official like. It might have if I had written it the day or two after we went and remembered more details. As it is, it’s full of rambly bits. Oh well. It happens. A lot.

– Rabid aka the master of rambles

Boozy Apples and Such

Ok, so UV has a new flavor. If you’ve even remotely read the posts here, or hung out with us, you’ll know how much we love UV. They have a lot of variety in flavors. Also, yay vodka.

The new one is Salty Caramel Apple. A flavor that came out right in time for the holidays. Fun, right?

Well… Sadly, this one was a bit disappointing. The apple flavor is there. Salty, yes. Caramel? Um… Not so strong. It’s more like a tiny lingering after taste.

Eldritch and I really wanted this one to be good. If the caramel was stronger, I think it would be pretty tasty. That’s not to say that it tastes bad. Oh no. It’s smooth and not insanely sweet like the Sugar Crush. It’s just… It’s not as great as we hoped it would be.

That said, we will still be testing it out for other things. Eldritch has a feeling it will be used mainly for pies and such. (It could make a fantastic boozy apple pie… Yum.) Personally, I want to try doing those apple slice jello shots with it. We’ll see how that goes…

In gaming related news… A while back I had posted about Wildstar. I’m still playing that. The whole Drunken Alchemy guild? Well… I did kinda let that fade once I joined the Galaxy Questers. It’s a great guild created by the guys over at Table Titans. While it seems like several people have taken a break from the game, I’m still highly active. On the off chance that anyone reads this, and actually plays Wildstar (Entity server)… Give Kaeva Unari or Kenzi Ysabeau a /wave.